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Only genuine VELUX blinds fit VELUX roof windows perfectly

Our VELUX roof windows feature pre-installed brackets for your blinds. This means they can be fitted in minutes - unlike non-VELUX blinds which may require measuring, cutting and trimming.

All you have to do is click the top of your VELUX blind into the brackets and add the side rails. It's that simple. Everything needed is included in the package.

You can download the installation instructions for your blind below.

Installation Instructions

Here are the installation instructions for all the products listed and sold in this e-shop. Please select your product below and download the instruction by clicking on the product name. The instructions are provided in PDF format. To read this format you need Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

VELUX Blackout Blinds

VELUX blackout blind - manually operated (DKL)

VELUX duo blackout blind - manually operated (DFD)

VELUX blackout blind - electrically operated (DML)

VELUX blackout blind - solar powered with remote control (DSL)

VELUX Roller Blinds

VELUX roller blind - manually operated (RFL)

VELUX roller blind - electrically operated(RML)

VELUX roller blind - solar powered with remote control (RSL)

VELUX Pleated Blinds

VELUX pleated blind - manually operated (FHL)

VELUX pleated blind - electrically operated (FML)

VELUX Energy Blinds

VELUX energy blind - manually operated (FHC)

VELUX Venetian Blinds

VELUX venetian blind - manually operated (PAL) 

VELUX Awning Blinds

VELUX awning blind - manually operated with hooks (MHL)

VELUX awning blind - electrically operated (MML)

VELUX Insect Screens

VELUX insect screen - manually operated (ZIL)

VELUX Blinds for Flat Roof Windows

VELUX light dimming blind for flat roof - electrically operated (FMK)

VELUX awning blind for flat roof - electrically operated (MSG)