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Payment Cards


Payment may be made with VISA, VISA Debit, Maestro, MASTERCARD or PayPal. You will be asked to submit your card number, expiry date and the three digit security number. This information is transmitted via high-level encryption directly to the bank to verify that your credit or debit card is valid. Once your card is approved, we will send you an order confirmation via e-mail. Your credit or debit card will be charged on the day we ship your order.


Payment may be made with PayPal. You will be asked to log on to your private PayPal account during the check-out process in our e-shop. Alternatively, you can choose to proceed without a PayPal account and pay directly with a credit card e.g. MasterCard. After having completed the payment from PayPal you are sent back to our e-shop where you get to a page where we confirm your order if the payment was successful.

3D Secure

What does 3D secure mean?
3D secure, also referred to as 3D secure authentication or 3DS, is a fraud prevention measure that was originally launched by Visa (as Verified-by-Visa) back in 2001. It acts as an added layer of security when taking card payments. It gives customers a secure authentication step before they can purchase shopping online; ensuring that they’re using the correct card details to help protect against card payment fraud. 3DS is backed and recognised by major debit and credit card issuers, including VISA, Mastercard (as Mastercard Secure Code) and American Express (as American Express SafeKey).

How does 3D secure authentication work?
You’ve probably come across 3D secure authentication before if you’ve ever paid for something online. When  you are ready to pay for our product online, you will be redirected to your debit or credit card provider’s 3D secure page on their website. On your providers' website, you’ll either be asked for a password (which you will have set up already with your bank) or will need to enter an authentication code (which will be automatically sent to your confirmed mobile phone number). After you have provided the correct details, the payment will be approved by the card provider and you will be directed back to our confirmation page. This will all be done really quickly and once back on our site, you will receive a confirmation email that the payment has been successful.

How can I sign up for Verified by Visa / Mastercard Secure Code?
Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code is offered by banks and service providers, not by Visa / Mastercard directly. We suggest you contact your bank or service provider directly.

What do I do if I forget my password?
You can easily reset a password. Exactly how depends on your bank. If the Verified by Visa message / Mastercard Secure Code box pops up on screen after you’ve entered your card details, there will probably be a ‘forgotten password’ option. When you click this, you will be asked for some information you provided when you signed up. You will be able to reset your password quickly and carry on shopping.

My bank sends a code to my phone but sometimes I don’t get it. What should I do?
Take this up with your bank directly so they can look into the problem. It could be something as simple as them not having the correct number for you. Usually a quick phone call should resolve this.

Amount Limit

We have a limit on the purchase amount in our e-shop. The amount is €2.000 excl. VAT. If your order exceeds this limit, please contact our Customer Support department via e-mail or phone (see details below) and we will arrange alternative payment.


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