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VELUX Maintenance Kits

If you want to prolong the longevity of your VELUX roof window or simply give it a touch up, this is the place to look.

VELUX offers a range of products that will come in handy if you want to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, lubricate hinges, paint your window or give it a new and shiny lacquer.


Surface repair kit for wooden windows (ZZZ 176)

  • 300ml TOPfinish varnish
  • 1 paint brush
  • 3 types of sandpaper (grain sizes 80, 120 and 240)

This surface repair kit is ideal for the repair of scratches on VELUX wooden roof windows – the frame not the pane. If your window needs a touch up, this kit is the perfect do-it-yourself product.

Can only be used for VELUX wooden roof windows.


Maintenance kit for VELUX roof windows (ZZZ 220)

  • Grease for hinges and locks
  • Air filter (3 m)
  • Foam for the ventilation flap for 2-5 roof windows (3 m)

This service set for both wooden and polyurethane roof windows is a great do-it-yourself product that can help you prolong the longevity of window. We recommend that you lubricate fittings and hinges at least once a year.

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