VELUX external heat protection

VELUX heat protection products prevent overheating even on the hottest days.

VELUX anti-heat shutters

  • Best heat protection and sun screening
  • Total blackout even on the brightest days
  • Complete year-round solution

From €730.62

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VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds

  • Great heat protection
  • Sleek design fits any roofing material
  • Heat protection and blackout combined

From €521.52

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VELUX anti-heat blinds

  • Good heat protection
  • Preserves the view, lets in light
  • Solution designed for summer season

From €73.80

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For optimal heat control during the hot summer months, choose an external heat protection product for your roof window and stop the heat before it gets into your home. VELUX external heat protection products help keep your home cool on hot days and nights.


All VELUX external heat protection products can be combined with VELUX interior blinds and insect screens for ultimate comfort. They are easy to install from inside of the room by yourself or an installer.


VELUX anti-heat shutter is our most robust heat protection product, offering a year-round solution complete with heat protection, total blackout and insulation against cold. VELUX anti-heat blackout blind is a sleek 2-in-1 solution offering heat protection and blackout. When you're looking for a summer solution that keeps your home cool and comfortable while preserving the view and letting in light, the VELUX anti-heat blind is the right match for you.


VELUX external heat protection products are an ideal choice for bedrooms, home offices, living rooms and any other rooms where you want to enjoy a cooler daytime temperature.