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Smart Home Automation

VELUX Intelligent Home Control

Easily control your solar and electric VELUX products with Intelligent Home Control options.

VELUX Intelligent Home Control products make it easy to improve your indoor climate. Explore the range of products and gain full control of your solar or electric VELUX roof windows and blinds. Operate your VELUX roof windows and blinds from anywhere, automate ventilation in your home, and ensure a healthy indoor environment with our range of Intelligent Home Control products.

We offer a complete range of Intelligent Home Controls that cover everyone’s needs. Choose between touch-screen remote control, smartphone control or sensor-based automation. With the VELUX app with sensor you also have the option to automate your products based on your daily routines and preferences for fresh air and temperature.

All Intelligent Home Control products are compatible with solar and electric VELUX roof windows, blinds and shutters.


Multiple product control

Operate more solar and electric powered VELUX roof windows, blinds or shutters from a single remote with touch screen. 

  • Easy grouping of products
  • Simple control of multiple electric or solar operated products
  • Ventilation timer for quick airing​
  • Not dependent on Wi-F​i

VELUX App Control

VELUX app without sensor

Control all your solar and electric VELUX products from your phone. Open and close your roof windows, blinds, and shutters with a single swipe or group your solar or electric VELUX products to control them in groups. 

You can quickly check on and operate your products – even when away from home. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting to close a roof window.

  • App control of all your products from anywhere - at any time​​
  • Schedule products to match your daily routine​
  • Voice control​


 VELUX app with sensor

A smart home solution designed to automatically adjust the amount of daylight and fresh air in your home. The indoor climate sensor measures temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 levels) in the room, and opens or closes roof windows, blinds or shutters to ensure optimal indoor climate.

Create personalised automated settings - and the accuracy of the sensor gradually improves as it learns to understand the indoor climate of your home.

  • App control of all your products from anywhere - at any time​
  • Sensor-based ventilation
  • Automatic heat protection​
  • Set personal preferences​
  • Voice control​

VELUX Electrical upgrade kits

You can upgrade your manually operated VELUX roof window to function like a solar or electric VELUX roof window by installing one of our motors.

  • Upgrade your VELUX roof window
  • Control light and air with VELUX Intelligent Home Solutions