VELUX anti-heat blinds

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  • Good heat protection
  • Lets in light
  • Reduce glare, transparent fabric
  • Easy installation from inside
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About VELUX anti-heat blinds

The VELUX anti-heat blind blocks the sun's rays before they hit your roof window, making them the superior and right choice for reducing indoor heat without compromising daylight. Made of a durable and transparent mesh fabric, it provides light-dimming yet retains the view to the outside, all the while reducing the heat from the sun. The anti-heat blind can be combined with a decorative interior blind and insect screen.

Key benefits of VELUX anti-heat blinds:

  • Reduces solar heat by up to 78%*
  • Transparent fabric – lets in light and retains the view to the outside
  • Provides privacy
  • Easy self-installation from inside the room. Do-it-yourself or contact a VELUX Certified Installer
  • Perfect for glare-free  workdays from the home office or cool afternoons in the living room
  • Can be combined with a VELUX decorative interior blind and an insect screen
  • Rain noise reduction**
  • Available with solar-power or electric operation, including app and remote control
  • Compatible with VELUX Intelligent Home Control solutions for convenient operation (VELUX Touch, VELUX App Control and VELUX Active with NETATMO)
  • 5-year guarantee for solar or electric anti-heat blinds
  • 3-year guarantee for manually operated anti-heat blinds

VELUX anti-heat blinds provide good heat protection on sunny days whilst preserving your outside view through transparent mesh fabric. Anti-heat blinds are the simplest to install of all VELUX exterior heat protection products for both homeowners and installers. The manual and solar powered awnings are especially easy to install as they require no extra wiring. Coupled with its affordable price point, this makes the Anti-heat blind the most accessible outdoor heat protection product in the range. 

Whether working from home all-day or entertaining guests in the afternoon, anti-heat blinds ensure you keep your home cool indoors. 

Manual VELUX anti-heat blinds are a good solution for roof windows within reach, while the electric and solar powered anti-heat blinds can be operated with a ready-to-use wall switch or with VELUX App Control, if purchased as an add-on. 

*The heat protection function of VELUX anti-heat blinds depends on the window glazing. It is calculated using a procedure in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 12567-2, DIN EN 52022-3 and ISO 15099 with Sommer-Global (certified by ift Rosenheim) and refers to the heat radiation through the window.

**Source: VELUX Technical Values


Product benefits

Heat protection

Operations and colours

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VELUX manual anti-heat blinds offer easy operation by hand. The blind can be installed and operated from the inside the room.
Solar powered blinds give you convenient remote control of your blinds from anywhere in the room. Select solar powered VELUX blinds for your manually operated or solar-powered VELUX roof windows. Easy installation with no wiring.
Control your blinds from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. Select electrically operated VELUX blinds for your electrically operated VELUX roof windows.

Available colours

Anti-heat blind - External blind to reduce heat

1 Transparent
Awning blind (5060)

Transparency of the blinds

The numbers on the graphic below will show you how much light will be filtered through the blind.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • A

    All levels of transparency

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Installation instructions for VELUX anti-heat blinds


The VELUX anti-heat blind is designed to fit VELUX roof windows perfectly. The manual anti-heat blind can be installed from inside of the room by one person in just 15 minutes, all you need is a screwdriver.

See on the video how easy it is to install a manually operated VELUX anti-heat blind and download installation instructions for the different operation methods via the links below.

Installation instructions for VELUX anti-heat blind - manual with hooks (MHL)
Installation instructions for VELUX anti-heat blind - Electrically operated (MML)
Installation instructions for VELUX anti-heat blind - Solar powered (MSL)