VELUX blackout energy pleated blind for flat roof windows

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  • Light dimming effect
  • Protection against heat and cold
  • Many colours
  • Free delivery
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About VELUX blackout energy pleated blind for flat roof windows

Choose a stylish and practical blind for your flat roof window. The double pleated blind provides light dimming effect due to the blackout cloth. Due to the aluminum coating between the cloth layers the blind improves insulation and increases indoor comfort. 

  • Light dimming blind darkens your room and protects against cold
  • Thermal insulation improves your indoor comfort.
  • Available in mains or solar powered versions with remote control
  • OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees the product is made without harmful substances.
  • Compatible with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO
  • Available in our new white-painted aluminium side rails
  • Choose between 2 colours of cloth


This blind can be combined with VELUX INTEGRA® solar awning blind (MSG). However, it will not be charged when the awning blind is in use.

The Solar double pleated blind can only be used in flat roof windows with a clear cover as flat roof windows with an opaque dome do not allow enough sunlight to get through to charge the battery of the blind sufficiently.

Operations and colours

Solarbetrieben - mit Wandtaster
Solar powered blinds are perfect for manual and solar INTEGRA® roof windows that are out of reach. The blind comes with a wall switch operated by a standard battery that is recharged by solar power which is good for up to 600 operations even if there is no sun for recharging. The blind is easy to install as no wiring is needed. Manual operation is also possible
Elektrisch bediende VELUX gordijnen
Electrically operated blinds are recommended for VELUX INTEGRA® electrically operated roof windows. The blind is operated via a remote control or wall switch that makes it an ideal solution for blinds that are out of reach. Control your blind from anywhere in your room for that extra level of comfort.

Available colours

VELUX Blackout Energy Pleated Blind for Flat Roof Windows

5 Blackout
White (1045)
5 Blackout
Charcoal (1047)

Transparency of the blinds

The numbers on the graphic below will show you how much light will be filtered through the blind.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • A

    All levels of transparency