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VELUX roller blinds

From light dimming to complete blackout, the VELUX roller blind collection features options for every need.

VELUX blackout roller blinds

  • Blocks out all light, day and night.
  • The best blackout on the market.
  • Ideal choice for: bedrooms.

Buy now - From €91.96

VELUX translucent roller blinds

  • Lets in natural light while providing privacy.
  • For spaces where total blackout is not needed.
  • Ideal choice for: living rooms, home offices.

Buy now - From €91.96

VELUX duo blackout roller blinds

  • Softens incoming light or blocks it out completely.
  • Two ways to control light in one solution.
  • Ideal choice for: bedrooms, living rooms.

Buy now - From €121

VELUX basic blackout blinds

  • Good value replacement blind.
  • Only for VELUX roof windows produced before 2014.
  • Ideal choice for: bedrooms.

Buy now - From €65.34

VELUX Children's collection

  • Playful blind designs for kids' room.
  • Available for VELUX blackout roller blinds and VELUX duo blackout roller blinds.
  • Ideal choice for: children's bedrooms. 

Buy now - From €125.84

VELUX Colour By You

  • Choose from thousands of colours to match your interior.
  • Available for VELUX blackout, translucent and duo blackout roller blinds.
  • Ideal choice for: customizing your blind.

Buy now - From €97.17

Whether you want to soften the light entering a room, block light out completely or add a splash of decorative colour, you are sure to find a roller blind for your roof window in our assortment. All VELUX roller blinds are easy to install and come with a 3 year guarantee.


The classic VELUX blackout roller blind is our most sold blind. Being the best blackout option for your VELUX roof window it offers a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime. If you're looking for a blackout blind with more light controlling options, have a look at the VELUX duo blackout roller blind which is a 2-n-1 blind that combines a blackout blind and a white pleated blind. VELUX translucent roller blind lets in natural daylight and provides basic privacy, being a good option for rooms where total blackout isn't needed.


VELUX roller blinds are a practical and stylish addition to your VELUX roof window. They are available in a large range of colours and prints to suit any room from living room to bedroom or kitchen, office to children's room.


All VELUX roller blinds are made for wear-resistant performance and specially treated to repel dust and dirt. It is not advised to wash VELUX roof window blinds, but if the blind needs cleaning it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Please refrain from using any detergent or soap on the fabric.


Choosing the right size for your VELUX roller blind is easy. Simply open your roof window, pull it towards you and find a data plate with the roof window code at the top of the sash unit inside of the frame. The roof window code corresponds to the size code of a blind. When buying a VELUX roller blind, make sure that the roof window code matches the code of the blind you're buying.