VELUX pleated blinds

VELUX pleated blinds fit your home decor while providing light control and insulation options to suit every need.

VELUX blackout energy pleated blinds

  • High blackout effect
  • Insulates against cold
  • Manual version comes with flexible positioning
  • Ideal choice for: bedroom

From €130.38

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VELUX translucent pleated blinds

  • Softens incoming light
  • Provides privacy
  • Manual version comes with flexible positioning
  • Ideal choice for: living room, home office

From €115.62

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VELUX pleated blinds are a stylish choice for your home. VELUX blackout energy pleated blind fits a bedroom or any other room where you wish to block light out. As an addition the blind's double pleated cloth has a built-in aluminium honey comb structure that insulates agains cold. When you're looking for a blind that softens incoming light without blocking it out completely, VELUX translucent pleated blind is a good option. VELUX pleated blind's elegant design fits any room, and suits living rooms particularly well.

Manually operated VELUX pleated blinds are so called "flying" blinds, which means that you can position them anywhere on the roof window. This functionality is useful when you want to let in as much light as possible but block the sun at a certain location.

VELUX blackout energy pleated blind and VELUX translucent pleated blind are both easy and fast to install from inside the room, by just one person. They are designed to match VELUX roof windows, and help ensure you get the most out of your roof window installation.

Available in many different colours, VELUX pleated blind fits any house decor. Order a free cloth sample if you're in doubt which option to choose.